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Email marketing is the way of approaching your subscribers. It is the best way to make your potential customers loyal to your brand.

Most customers read their emails on daily basis, so when you utilize the email marketing technique, you get their permission to send them information.

And it is not so difficult to handle; engagingly create quality content and send it to your subscriber list on the email platform.

We will discuss later how you can create right and quality content, but for now, let’s discuss its importance for every business.

Importance of email marketing

It is economic

The investment expenses are much lower than a traditional marketing strategy, achieving greater reach and impact. Email marketing has also a wide variety of formats.

It is cheap, so you must focus on it to grow your business online; it just requires a little bit of effort.

Immediate results

Who doesn’t love the cheap strategy that generates immediate results as well?

Once the email is sent from your side, you can determine the reaction of the audience in real-time.

email marketing

If your offers impact, or if the content of your platform is eye-catching, you will get the attention of the potential customers.

The effectiveness of your subject is also another factor that can attract your audience to your business.

You can also determine how many purchase intentions are generated through email marketing.

Access to your market

Once the user receives information about your business and enters to your platform, you have their complete information as well.

The valuable information they left on your platform allows you to perform segmentation. You can send them the appropriate and specific offers according to their interest.

Segmentation of the audience is very important since it gives value to them. And that is how you will be able to send the content according to their needs and interests.

Borderless technique

Email marketing strategy allows your brand to overcome national and international markets.

You can not only communicate with the local customers but also with the international audience.

And being a personalized technique of marketing, it produces trust and loyalty.

As we have the importance and benefits of email marketing, let’s now move further to discuss how you can design your email marketing strategy successfully.

How to design a successful email marketing strategy?

Email marketing strategy turns out to be of vital importance, because it increases the number of potential clients, ultimately having an impact on the profits obtained.

Another important thing to note is that it has no limits since you can send your campaigns to the number of the potential customer without inconvenience.

Let’s see how to plan it:

1. Define your goals

Before planning this strategy, you have to ask yourself what exactly you are going to achieve with your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing allows you to achieve many goals, but you cannot do everything at once.

If you want to get good results and increased profits, you need to be focused and patient.

Your goals must be to:

  • Create a new loyalty channel

  • Increase sales and profits through newsletters

  • Get more and more subscribers to your promotional emails

Remember, for a goal to be truly functional, you need to clearly state the quantifiable value and set a time frame for achieving it.

For example, “We have to increase the sales of shoes by 30% in the next four months.”

email marketing

2. Plan how you are going to get the audience

The acquisition of subscribers is a basic component to succeed with your email marketing.

To make a strategy for getting the audience, it is important to ask yourself what you are going to offer them.

When users access to your platform, they share their personal information. In exchange for this valuable data, the company must offer them some kind of incentives.

Sometimes it may be enough to convince them that they will get the benefits from your newsletters, but it may also be necessary to reinforce this incentive with special discounts or content that is valuable to them.

3. Find the right frequency

Email marketing can work against you if you have no control over the amount of information sent.

Remember there is only a few seconds’ difference between opening an interesting email and ignoring among pending emails.

Sending mail usually once a month is enough unless you have a huge amount of data to send. The time and day of the week are also very important.

4. Write the content and make it effective using paraphrasing tool

Now, it is time to design and write the content of your email marketing campaign.

The product we want to sell is the main thing to focus on, but since we are sending information, we are going to take benefit from it.

We can include a discount for products that have low sales and some interesting news related to our field.

You can use the email templates from the internet as well. To avoid being spam by using templates, rewrite them by using an online paraphraser tool.

Sharing photos that people have tagged with our brand hashtag is another very useful option.

5. Choose the tool for email marketing

To carry out an email marketing strategy, it is imperative to have a tool that we can use to manage the entire process.

These tools have multiple following benefits:

  • Organize the measurement of an email marketing campaign

  • Facilitate the design of emails

  • Automated and personalized email marketing

  • Keep our database organized

  • Easily scale our marketing

From free and solutions to very complex programs for large companies, there are all kinds of tools that can suit your needs.

Here are some list of email marketing tools:

  • Mail250

  • Mailchimp

  • GetResponse

  • AWeber

  • ConvertKit

  • SendinBlue

  • Constant Contact

  • Hubspot

  • Drip

6. Analyze your progress

In the end, you have to measure the success of your email marketing strategy. You can analyze what is working and what is not.

If things are not working, make adequate changes to correct the strategy.


We hope you understood why email marketing is important for your company by reading this guide.

We have also discussed a complete email marketing strategy design that can be helpful if you are planning to grow your sales online.

Moreover, this strategy is completely practical, efficient, and economic, since you will reach thousands of potential clients with minimum effort and in less time.