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Mass Mailing list communication is a right part of lifestyle for marketing manager. Receiving updates on your favourite service or product, reading an daily newsletter or discussing new solutions to managing a purchases, health, individuals, businesses and organisations reach through mailing lists every day.

The advantage of email lists is that they can easily, quickly and effectively send your announcements to a huge number of goal group who have explicitly given their wanted to get the given information, known as subscribers also. The conditions permission or optin based email lists are being used to refer to this type of communication.

In wider conditions, there are two types of e-mail marketing lists: announcement lists and debate lists. One of the key difference is that a) only the list owner or editor can send emails through an announcement list, while b) conversation lists are interactive, allowing other list member can post messages for mailing to the complete

list, with or without moderation. Announcement lists are normally used for newsletters, special deals, discount and other alerts, while debate lists are being used to create virtual communities where groups of individuals can come to discuss various subject areas together. Mailing lists are one of the essential part of commercial e-mail marketing.

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