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A Dirty email address is the one which has been identified as a bad email address with either no or very bad email deliverability history.

How we identify an email address as DIRTY?
Any email address which got scores anything less than 7 out of 10 by our algorithm (LCXv1.143- patent pending) is treated as DIRTY in our system.

How LCXv1.143 algorithm helps in identifying DIRTY email addresses? This is a complex algorithm which not only checks the basic validation parameters like;

  • Is the email address is a Spam Trap?
  • What are the chances of getting Hard Bounce?
  • Is this an Invalid Email? The email address format is incorrect. For example, mike0uerwe#com is not in the correct email format of [email protected]. Many of these can be prevented by applying the simple regular expression check.
  • Is the email domain belongs to a blacklist TLD (Top Level Domain) ?
  • Is the email domain a blacklisted domain?
  • Is the username used in an email address is blacklisted?
  • Is the SLD (Second Level Domain) in the Blacklisted list?
  • Is the email domain an invalid one?
  • Mailbox associated with the email address has reached its quota and is full?
  • Incorrect spellings or typos?
  • Is the email address a Disposable one? Disposable addresses are temporary emails that are used to sign up to websites without giving their real email address. These emails are short-lived from 15 minutes to around 6 months, post which it gets self-destructed.
  • Is the email address the one which accepts any username?
  • Is the email address a Role Address? Role addresses belong to a position or a group of people, like sales@ info@ and contact@. Role-based emails have a strong history of reporting emails sent to them as spam and abuse.
  • Is the email address belongs to a Free Service Email?
  • Or the email address is just Non-Deliverable?
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