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Problem statement:

I have added Mail250’s CNAME record to my domain in Cloudflare. However, that is not getting verified.


First, check your CNAME records are proxied or not.

If the CNAME is proxied you would need to unproxy it by switching to the cloud :grey:.

You just need to click in the orange :orange: cloud to switch to the cloud :grey:.

Note: The CNAME must be grey cloud :grey:, not :orange:. If the cloud doesn’t appear, it’s also fine.


When a CNAME record is orange clouded Cloudflare basically treats it like an A record AND Cloudflare obfuscates the origin and just returns the IP address. As a result, if you do a DNS query for CNAME with an orange clouded record you won’t see it (but an A record query will return the destination IP).

For services like Mail250, that are looking to validate with a specific value obfuscation = bad. So to prevent this you’ll want to make sure the record is :grey: not :orange:.

Refer to the below image:

cloudflare dns cname


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