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We simplify email marketing to start and scale up as you grow - with an intuitive platform, transparent pricing, actionable insights, and more.

Tools to help you reach humans and not bots

Mail250 offers simple tools to help you reach the most active email addresses so that your sender reputation remains intact and more engagement happens on your emails.

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86% reduction in bounce rates and 40% boost to email deliverability, if the audience list is clean and containing active email addresses only.

Source: Research Report, Mail250 Labs


Simple Design Tools to drive more conversations

The real happiness is not when we send, but it is when someone replies to our emails. Keeping this to the core, Mail250 offers content analyzer tools to help you craft the best email subject lines and content to drive better engagement rates.

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20% jump in email delivery rates, if people start replying to your emails.

Source: Research Report, Mail250 Labs


AI-powered infrastructure to boost your email deliverability

Mail250 uses its homegrown i-MTA engine to keep itself updated with recent changes to global anti-spam and email delivery policies. Just keep sending without worrying about speed and email throttling issues – Smart delivery default activated.

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24% jump in email delivery rates, if your emails comply with the various anti-spam policies and deliver thresholds.

Source: Research Report, Mail250 Labs


Tools that share insights, and not just numbers

Numbers are good, but converting those to actionable is what matters. Mail250 share simple metrics and insights which can help troubleshoot what went wrong with your email campaigns.

17% improvement in open rates, when the send time for each recipient is optimized with its historical open time pattern.

Source: Research Report, Mail250 Labs

We’re a partner, not just a provider

We’re profitable, privately owned, and there in the industry for a long. Long? Yes, you heard correctly! Behind the scene, there is a diverse team of techies with 20 years of collective experience in delivering billions of emails for companies of all sizes.

Easy, effective email marketing solution!

I love that Mail250. It’s really easy to learn or to teach yourself how to use it, which makes it that much better than every other email marketing platform. I also love that anyone can live chat with someone from Mail250 before they’re even a customer to help them answer any questions before they create an account.

Kylie N


User friendly – Perfect for my small business

Easy to set-up and use even if you have never used an email platform before. Email is important to the customer journey, and Mail250 makes it easy. It is a great tool for marketing.  High recommended for email marketing campaign! I also appreciate Mail250 doesn’t have a limit on uploading contacts.

Shane W


Mail250 worked well to send many emails to all my cold leads

I used Mail250 for my second big marketing campaign for my personal training services. Mail250 worked well to send MANY emails to all my cold leads and prospects. At the time I had over a hundred, so being able to address them all instantly made life a breeze. For the low cost, it does what we need.

Thousands of companies trust Mail250 to deliver their emails

Rest assured. You’ll be in good company.

Extended Support at No Extra Cost

Support is not an add-on, its a shared responsibility to deliver a great product experience.
Our knowledgeable support team is always on hand to help, whether it’s through 1-on-1 calls, webinars, email, live-chat, or one of our many help docs and guides.

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