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Why System shows “High Risk for Fraud Payment” error?


Our system is DIY (Do It Yourself) and open on Internet for anyone to sign up for our services. This provides opportunity to everyone for using our system for their genuine marketing needs. Unforntunately, there are many bad actors which also try to abuse our services, by senidng emails like drug, terrorists, child abuse, etc. In order to hide their identity, these guys mostly do not use their own cards or PayPal accounts for making payment. They go on dark web and buy other people’s card and PayPal accounts. However, when the real owner sees the payment on their card they go for charge back to their bank. This is not only an inconvenience to them but also a waste of resources (by providing services to them) for us.

Thus, in order to stop these criminals, we have implemented our Fraud Detection system. This Fraud Detection system checks various aspects of the user account and mark the account as High Risk for Fraud Payments.

What to do for “High Risk for Fraud Payment” error?

You can do anyone of the 2 things:

  1. Continue with the provided payment options
  2. Contact Support and do the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

1. Continue with the provided Payment gateways

When our system mark any user accounts as High Risk for Fraud Payment, we do not allow that user to make payment via PayPal or Credit card. This is to protect the innocent people whose details they might have purchased from dark net and also to protect our own interest. So one can continue making payment via the provided options.

2. Contact Support and do the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Sometime it happens, that the system has raised a false alert even for the genuine user. And also the user wants to make payment using their PayPal or Card. In that case, a user should contact our support with the below details:

  1. User needs to provide their identity proof document (like government issued documents like Passport, driving license, etc). The name on document should match with the name on Card or PayPal account.
  2. User needs to provide their address proof (like electricity bill, etc). The address should match with the billing address, that is, the address on their Card or PayPal account.
  3. User needs to provide the payment method they want to use either PayPal or Card.
  4. If PayPal, then provide their PayPal email address.  We will send them a PayPal request for payment on that PayPal email for very small amount like $1. And the user needs to make payment, then we will match the provided PayPal account payment details with the details provided in KYC.
  5. If Card, then provide photo of thier card, with all the details hidden except, the name on the card and the last 4 digits of the card.

We hope that this will help reducing the fraud payments in general and also save us from charge backs. Unfortunately, it might be little a inconvenient for you to go through the KYC process, but it is only a one time activity and it is the best way we came up on how to solve this problem.

Still if you find any issue or problem with the process then please contact us on our support.

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